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Data Release: Planck Public Release 4 (Planck PR4)


The Planck Public Release 4 is the latest reprocessing of both LFI and HFI instruments data using a common pipeline, NPIPE. The effect of the joint analysis is lower levels of noise and systematics in both frequency and component maps at essentially all angular scales, as well as notably improved internal consistency between the various frequency channels.

For more information about the pipeline and the data products, please see:

Data Access

The Planck PR4 data is publicly available.

Access the data through the Globus web interface: Download via Globus


Browse the datasets to view the list of files available and download them individually through your browser.

Link Category Number of Files Total Size
Link Full sky maps 27 10.4 GiB
Link Half-ring maps 90 77.3 GiB
Link Low resolution maps 63 155.4 GiB
Link Effective Beams 1049 312.7 MiB
Link Single channel maps 171 63.7 GiB