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Data Release: PanEx V1 Skies (PanExV1)


Data Access

The PanEx V1 Skies datasets are is publicly available. Individual files may be downloaded using the links on the dataset pages. You can also access the data through the Globus web interface: Download via Globus


Browse the datasets to view the list of files available and download them individually through your browser.

Link Dataset Number of Files Total Size
Link combined_cmb_lensing_signal 21 29.5 GiB
Link combined_cmb_unlensed_dipole 21 29.5 GiB
Link combined_foregrounds_highcomplexity 21 29.5 GiB
Link combined_foregrounds_lowcomplexity 21 29.5 GiB
Link combined_foregrounds_mediumcomplexity 21 29.5 GiB