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Dataset: CMB-S4 DC0 SPLAT Split01 025GHz

  • Telescope: South Pole Large Aperture Telescope (SPLAT)
  • Split: 01
  • Frequency Band (GHz): 025

See data access on the DC0 page.

Access the data through the Globus web interface: Download via Globus

Download the file manifest for the exact file sizes and checksums.


File Name Datatype Size
dc0_splat_t01.01_025_map02_c0001.fits Map: filter+bin iqu map; unlensed primary CMB 2.3 GiB
dc0_splat_t01.01_025_map02_c0010.fits Map: filter+bin iqu map; lensing perturbation 2.3 GiB
dc0_splat_t01.01_025_map02_c0100.fits Map: filter+bin iqu map; extragalactic+galactic+dipole 2.3 GiB
dc0_splat_t01.01_025_map02_c1000.fits Map: filter+bin iqu map; atmosphere+noise 2.3 GiB
dc0_splat_t01.01_025_map02_c1111.fits Map: filter+bin iqu map; CMB+galactic+extragalactic+atmosphere+noise 2.3 GiB
dc0_splat_t01.01_025_map03.fits Map: tp depth 1.5 GiB
dc0_splat_t01.01_025_mat02.fits Matrix: white noise covariance 4.5 GiB